Why Visit a Child-Friendly Dentist Sydney Has to Offer

Why Visit a Child-Friendly Dentist Sydney Has to Offer

As a parent, you understand the importance of helping your children to maintain proper dental hygiene. You know that building good habits now is imperative for health later in life, and you feel that scheduling an appointment at your dentist Sydney has to offer is the best route. Instead, however, consider the benefits of bringing your children to a professional who specializes in pediatric dentistry.

Opting for a child-friendly No Gaps Dental – dentist Sydney can provide generates multiple benefits. This expert is a professional in pediatric dentistry, which means that he or she is likely more familiar with dental problems that specifically plague children than is a general dentist. That means the dentist will know what issues to watch for and what some warning signs of more serious diseases are. Going to a child-friendly dentist Sydney can provide also may mean beside manner that is more amenable to your children.

Little ones, and even some adults, fear visiting the dentist, and some of their trepidation may result from unpleasant experiences as children. When you choose a child-friendly dentist Sydney has to offer, you can read reviews and talk to other parents who use that dentist. Find out if the practitioner has the ability to build strong rapport with children. When children are introduced to a friendly dentist early in their lives, they may have much more confidence to continue with this dental hygiene plan throughout their existences.

Also, opting for a child-friendly dentist Sydney has to offer can mean a more suitable waiting room for families. Instead of having to watch your children squirm with anxiety before their appointment begins, they can play with toys, read books or talk with other children if the waiting room has these features. You are more likely to find such features at a dentist especially for children. This entire situation assists in making children experience less fear and have more courage when they go to their dentist appointments.


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Serendipity Earring Caddy

I have a huge collection of dangly earrings. I invented this caddy to keep them all in order.

What’s it made of? Gutter Guard – one of the cheapest items you’ll find in your local hardware store! Pick up a roll and make a caddy for yourself, a few for friends and use the rest to line your gutters to keep the leaves out.

This project uses the random collage technique sometimes called “serendipity collage”. My colour scheme is blue and purple, but you might like to use different colours to coordinate with your own bedroom.

-2 strips of 250gsm black card: 30mm x 297mm and 40mm x 297mm
-297mm length of “Gutter Guard” (from hardware shop)
-300mm length of fine black wire
-Scraps of blue, purple and metallic gold paper
-Scraps of white and black cardstock
-Stamps by Studio Astarte: “Flourish” (medium), “1920’s Ladies Heads”, and “Décor” (small)
-Blue and teal ink pads
-Eight large flat sequins or rhinestones
-Very strong double-sided tape, like “Terrifically Tacky Tape”
-Floral shape paper punch
-PVA glue and glue brush
-Scrap paper to cover work surface
-Scissors or craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat

Stamp Flourish randomly onto a large scrap of blue paper using blue and teal inks. Tear into smaller pieces. Punch out three or four floral shapes from metallic gold paper. Tear remaining paper into smaller pieces.

Lay coloured scraps and punched shapes face down on scrap paper. Use brush to apply a thin coat of PVA glue. Randomly stick scraps onto the two strips of black cardstock, overlapping occasionally. Allow some scraps to extend beyond top and bottom edges of the black strips. You will trim them later.

Stamp the Ladies Heads and Décor onto white cardstock. Cut out individual images and glue these to the two black strips. From scrap black cardstock, cut a few “matchstick” size strips and glue these so they extend a little beyond the top and bottom of the collaged strips. Carefully trim away scraps that extend beyond the top and bottom edges of the collaged strips.

Glue sequins or rhinestones on at random. Set collaged strips aside so glue can dry.

Roll Gutter Guard into a cylinder shape, overlapping ends by one square. Secure wire at one end, then weave the wire up the entire length of the cylinder, pulling and wrapping tightly.

Attach a length of Terrifically Tacky Tape to one end of the reverse side of each collaged strip. Remove the protective backing. Wrap the 30mm collaged strip around the top of the Gutter Guard cylinder, as snugly as it will go before securing the tape. Repeat with the 40mm collaged strip at the cylinder’s base.

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